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LNBs, cable and connectors

LNBs, cable and connectors

LNBs, cable and connector

We dimension and provide to our customers a complete reception solution, from the antenna to the Set Top Box, complementing our offer with additional products such as LNBs, cable and connectors, reducing costs by optimizing transport.

With focus on customer satisfaction and in order to guarantee the high quality required by DTH operators, we carry out strict quality control in all phases of production process.


Universal LNBs: Single, Twin, Quad, Quattro and Octo.

Staked, Circular and dCSS.

Cable and Connectors

We produce cable and connectors adjusted to the specifications of operators.

We focus on RG6, RG59 and RG11, with double and triple shield, with and without messenger.

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Other Solutions

Sinuta develops, produces and markets antennas (DTH and VSAT) and accessorie products such as fixing elements and distribution equipment.

In addition to satellite solutions, we also develop, produce and sell cable solutions.

Telecom network solutions for infrastructures, such as cabinets and racks, 19’’ flooring standing cabinets, outdoor cabinets with free cooling systems, free cooling modular cabinets and supply of optical splitting cabinets.

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