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Telecom Infrastructures

Telecom Infrastructures

Racks and cabinets

We design and develop Telecom network infrastructures, namely cabinets and racks.

In our portfolio you can find Telecom network solutions for infrastructures, such as cabinets and racks, 19’’ flooring standing cabinets, outdoor cabinets with free cooling systems, free cooling modular cabinets and supply of optical splitting cabinets.

We complete our offer with several accessories.

19’' Indoor network cabinets racks

Customized cabinets manufacturing

Cabinets for active equipment’s

ODF racks

Supply of all energy, cabling and connectorization infrastructure

Standards compliance: IEC 60297-1, DIN 41494, BS 5954 e EIA-310-D

Other Solutions

In addition to the Telecom network solutions for infrastructure, at Sinuta we also develop, produce and market DTH and VSAT antenna solutions, with LNBs, cable, connectors and other accessory products such as fixing elements and distribution equipment.

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