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About Sinuta

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With more than 20 years of work experience in telecommunications sector, Sinuta is world leader in satellite communications equipment production and has customers all over the world.

Attentive to market trends and to the constant technological evolution in the sector, the company has been expanding its activity to other telecommunications segments, already having a full range of products targeted at the Network Systems area, working closely with both telecommunications operators and system integrators.

Our people’s competence and dedication, quality, customers service, and innovation are the main pillars that hold Sinuta’s leading position in the search for a customized answer to customers’ needs.

Aware of the importance of people in achieving its goals Sinuta aims to have the best professional for each of its sectors, investing on their individual development and continuous improvement of processes to promote efficiency and productivity.

Diamantino Nunes

About Sinuta

Sinuta is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of satellite dishes. The quality of our products, as well as our capacity to develop solutions customized to our clients’ needs is recognized worldwide. With a capacity to produce ten thousand dishes per day, Sinuta has a track record of more than 25 years in the production of DTH antennas.

Our products are subject to a strict quality control throughout the entire production process, from the reception of raw materials, to packaging. Produced in Portugal, Sinuta products are shipped worldwide, with 300 containers shipped per year.

Today, Sinuta is more than a DTH equipment provider, and has evolved into a preferential partner for telecommunication equipment. With a wide range of DTH antennas, Sinuta also designs customized solutions according to the needs of a specific client or market. Our V-Sat Antennas have the Interactive Satellite Terminal (IST) Type Approval by Eutelsat. Our Network Systems unit develops and produces racks and accessories. Complementing our standard solutions, we also develop customized products, answering our clients’ specific needs. Together with several strategic partners, Sinuta is available to deliver turnkey solutions.

Sinuta is now working towards the future of telecommunication. Today, we need connectivity everywhere, even while we are moving. To answer this need, in partnership with the University of Aveiro and INESC TEC, Sinuta has been developing a new flat panel antenna, in order to revolutionize the future of satellite connectivity.

Telecommunications are our passion, the world is our market, the future is our present.

Sinuta, Connecting Life!