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Technical Support

Technical Support

We are your technical department


We develop the best connectivity solution for your needs!

With more than 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, we turn ideas, knowledge and experience into tailor-made solutions.
Our technical department combines innovation, customization, and quality.

technical support department

Analysis and definition of requirements and characteristics

Process that involves identifying and studying the customer’s needs in order to find the ideal solution.

Constant communication and involvement of the client throughout the process.

analysis of a satellite footprint

Development of prototypes, products and solutions

A process that ensures the quality of the product/solution that ends up being developed and its fidelity to the requirements and functionalities defined with the client.

Design of the project and materialization of the concept.

Testing and validation in the laboratory and in real use

Testing of the prototype and the product in the laboratory and under real conditions of use, in accordance with standards and regulations, to ensure its compliance:

  • Radiation and electromagnetic compatibility (EM simulator and anechoic chamber).
  • Wind load (simulation, wind tunnel and static load)
  • Salt spray
  • UV protection
  • Signal measurement
  • RMS measurement
  • RF parameter measurement with VNA
  • Leakage test

analysis of antenna parameters in production
test of a telecom network product

Logistics optimization

At Sinuta, we provide a global telecommunications service for multi-platform operators. We help our customers reduce their costs by optimising logistical processes and making it possible to mix products for different technologies in the same shipment.

Packaging is designed according to the customer’s distribution requirements.

We extend your competitive advantage.

Technological Partnership

As a technological infrastructure, we combine our knowledge and experience with the latest developments and trends in telecommunications, through synergies with Aveiro University and INESC TEC.


We create innovation and value by bringing together our know-how and experience, our customers’ challenges and the latest trends in telecommunications.


Strong technical capabilities and more than 25 years of experience support our claim of full expertise in the development of customized telecommunications solutions.


Robotic and automated technology and a highly professional and dedicated team are our keys to “get it done”.

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We brought together our know-how and experience, the challenges of our customers and the latest trends in telecommunications.
Strong technical skills, quality, customization and experience, support the development of telecommunications solutions adjusted to the client.