Management Policy


Contribute to the evolution of telecommunications, leveraging innovation, and complying with safety and environmental rules.


To be preferred choice of telecommunications operators. To achieve, in a three-year span, a 12% share market.


  1. Client and continuous improvement orientation;
  2. Availability, engagement and non-conformism, as drivers for innovation;
  3. Discipline in what we do and ethical behaviour.


  1. To provide safe and healthy work conditions, in order to prevent injuries and health problems, as well as to eliminate dangers and reduce HSW risks by consulting and encouraging employee participation;
  2. To protect the environment and prevent pollution;
  3. To satisfy the applicable standards and comply with conformity obligations.


  1. To keep an HSW and environment integrated management system;
  2. To satisfy clients and other stakeholders;
  3. To sustainably grow.

People in the company undertake the fulfillment of this Policy and the continuous improvement of the Management System. The board takes the responsibility for its execution, promotion and maintenance.

Estarreja, 02-03-2020
The Board