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DTH and VSAT Antennas
Telecom Network Products

More than 25 years of experience in the Telecommunications sector.

We design, develop and produce, customized solutions for telecommunications:

  • DTH and VSAT antennas, LNBs, cables and connectors, and other accessories such as supports, fixing products and distribution equipment;
  • Infrastructure products for telecom networks, such as cabinets, racks and accessories.


Our Products

Find out about Sinuta products for satellite communication systems (DTH and VSAT) and for telecommunication networks.

We offer telecommunications services for multi-platform operators.

We develop the ideal products for every project!


Development, production and commercialization of antennas, DTH and VSAT, LNBs, cables and connectors, as well as accessory products. Customized and turnkey solutions!

Telecom Network

Development, production and commercialization of products for telecom network infrastructures, such as cabinets and OEM solutions.

Technical Support

Sinuta is your Technical Department!

We create innovation and value by bringing together our know-how and experience, our customers’ challenges and the latest trends in telecommunications. Find out why we are the best partner for your project:

  • Analysis and definition of requirements;
  • Development of prototypes and solutions;
  • Testing and validation in the lab and in real use;
  • Logistics optimization.

Research, Development and Innovation (RDI)

At Sinuta, Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) are essential prerequisites to ensure competitiveness in the market and increase the company’s visibility abroad.
Our goal is to find innovative solutions in the field of telecommunications and improve the performance of our products to create added value for the company and our customers.
We work in partnerships with universities and technological institutions on joint research, development and innovation projects.
We consider RDI as a strategic and differentiating factor!


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