DTH Antennas


DTH Antennas

Development and production of DTH antennas and accessories.

For the production of high-quality offset satellite dishes, SINUTA has the latest robot technology at its disposal, which ensures the ideal profile for optimum signal reception.

The use of suitable materials, usually complemented by galvanising and painting of the surfaces, guarantees maximum resistance of the antenna to weather conditions, especially corrosion and UV rays.

Other Solutions


Together with our DTH antenna program, Sinuta can also offer a full range of LNBs, optical cable, f-connectors and fixing elements.

In addition to our satellite solutions, we develop, produce and sell infrastructures and products for fibre telecom networks, such as racks, 19’’ floor indoor standing cabinets, outdoor cabinets with free cooling systems, free cooling modular cabinets and optical splitting cabinets.

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