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Telecom Infrastructures

Telecom Infrastructures

Indoor Cabinets and Racks

Sinuta manufacture custom cabinets for active equipment’s and also ODF Racks.

We supply all energy, cabling and connectorization infrastructure.

All the equipment is manufactured according standards: IEC 60297-1, DIN 41494, BS 5954 e EIA-310-D.

Outdoor Free Cooling Systems

Outdoor Free Cooling Systems increase the lifetime of the active equipment, allow the fast development of the networks and the reduction of failure points.

Energy efficiency, operational optimization, robustness and durability are some of their strengths.

Free Cooling Cabinets

We develop Free Cooling Cabinets with customized configurations in different materials such as: galvanized or stainless steel, zincor, aluzinc or aluminium.

They can reach up to IP65 rating and up to IK10+ impact rating.

With free cooling system, Free Cooling Cabinets have HVAC as an option.

Free Cooling Modular Cabinets

Our Free Cooling Modular Cabinets allow an easy and quick expansion capacity.

With free cooling system, our Free Cooling Modular Cabinets have HVAC as an option.

Optical Splitting Cabinets

Optical Splitting Cabinets are resistant to weathering and vandalism and protected from insects, rodents and other similar threats.

IP 54 protection according to NP EN 60529 and IK10+.

They are made of aluminium, painted with an anti-corrosion paint which gives them an average lifetime without corrosion of more than 20 years. They also have aluminium foam insulation.

Optical Splitting Cabinets have an open-door lock system and document holder, and also, a locking system with 3 different points with a lock.

This product complies with European legal requirements concerning the use and occupation of public spaces with urban furniture.