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Quality and Sustainability

Quality and Sustainability


Our focus isQuality

Due to the implementation of the Quality Management System, Sinuta was granted the ISO 9001 Certificate from the APCER (Portuguese Association for Certification) since 2002. Sinuta was the first Portuguese company in the satellite dishes business to be granted with this certificate.

The company has been periodically audited since the first certificate. The latest audit was made in 2019, being considered that Sinuta complied with all the requirements needed to maintain its certification. The company is certified with ISO 9001:2015 since 2018.

Certified ISO 9001

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Our mission is Sustainability


Environmental concerns are one of the top priorities at Sinuta.  Using the latest technology processes, we can guarantee a more efficient production, energy consumption reduction and controlled waste production. Our social responsibility commitment drives us to environment friendly products and production technologies, to reduce our footprint. GPL gas is the only fossil fuel used in our production. Air pollutants are monitored every year. We have a wastewater treatment plant which eliminates all pollutants.

Sinuta has also implemented a management system for WEEE – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. All aluminium and steel residua, as well as paper, carton and plastic elements are recycled. We have a politics of planned and supported residua management which allows us to have a “Cleaner Production”.

Sinuta has also been working on reducing its ecological footprint by investing in electrical vehicles and gradually replace its fossil-fuel-moved vehicles.

Lastly, Sinuta is currently taking the first steps towards the implementation and certification of an Integrated Quality, Safety and Environmental Management System.


At Sinuta corporate and social responsibility policies are taken into account. Sinuta is committed to be a responsible corporation, supporting the surrounding community and charity organisations.

Every Christmas Sinuta invites its suppliers to participate in a charity campaign to revert on behalf of one of the local institutions (children’s facilities, nursing homes, etc). Sinuta is also aware that all activities influence the environment and people, and therefore manages these activities in a responsible manner. Sinuta also provides job opportunities to handicapped people, through local support institutions.

Sinuta also values the Human Rights Declaration in all its forms and is committed to create and maintain a positive and professional work environment that respects and supports the provision of basic human rights to all its employees. In support of this, Sinuta expressly prohibits and condemns all forms of slavery and human trafficking.

Besides not making use of any form of slaved, human trafficked, forced or compulsory labour at any time for any purpose, the company also holds its direct suppliers and contractors accountable to support the provision of basic human rights, requiring them to certify that materials incorporated into the product comply with the laws regarding slavery and human trafficking of the country in which they are doing business.